Get Paid For Taking Survey Online (Upto $50/hr): No Scam & Lies ✊

Note: The sites shared below will not make you rich. 

But, if you are looking to earn decent money sufficient to pay rent, groceries, or utility bills then these sites can come in handy👊

By spending even an hour daily on these sites you can easily make good money. 

When I started out, within months I was making decent money with most of the sites shared below. Mind you I was just spending half an hour to hr/day. The more time you spent the more money you make. 

We have spent a lot of time shortlisting below sites as we wanted to share only those sites which are legit and do not scam people. So, you can take our word that these sites will work for sure. 

Why would anyone pay money to take a survey? 

 A Lot of brands want to know the public opinion about their brands. This helps them market their product well. So, they assign the work to third party sites to get public opinion about their brand. These third-party sites are what we have shared below and this is where you can earn money. 

How would I know which sites pay the most for one survey and which are genuine?

We have extensively tested more than 50 sites, all in the United States to check the genuinity. Post which we have shortlisted the top 7 sites in terms of high payout in one survey and mostly cash payout. 

I know there will be more doubts in your mind. Don’t worry, we have answered all FAQs at the bottom of the page. 

Right now, 

Let’s start with our top 7 highest paying survey lists: 

1. Inboxdollar: There are other sites that pay better than Inbox dollars, but Inboxdollar is my favorite site. This is where I have made most of my money.  

Let me tell you why this is my most favorite site: 

  • As soon as you sign up you get $5 in your inbox dollar account without filling any survey. 
  • Apart from surveys, they pay us for watching videos, playing games, shopping online, reading emails, etc.
  • The withdrawal amount is very less as compared to others. Once you reach $30 you can withdraw the money. 
  • The better business bureau has awarded them an A+ Rated company. 
  • So far they have paid around 50 million dollars in prizes to their members. 

Reason to join: Instant Cash. Less threshold to withdraw money. 

What I don’t like about Inbox dollar: 

They pay only on Wednesday. If you request money withdrawal on Thursday, you will get the money on next Wednesday. Last time I checked, they were following these rules, it may have changed, so better cross-verify once. 

🖐I’m leaving the link here in case you want to join Inboxdollar for free.

2. Survey Taken: 

Our goal here is only to add those sites which allow us to earn money by doing various activities, and not only taking surveys. I get bored with only the survey option.  

And the second thing is they pay well and in cash.  

Therefore, we have shortlisted SurveyTaken on our second list. 

So, once you sign up on Surveytaken, you can get access to surveys, trial offers, and questionnaires that pay out cash for completion. 

You can get paid how you want – gift cards, Paypal, or a check straight to your door.

Reason to join: Free, Most surveys pay between $5 – $15.  

Where to Join:  👉You can join here 

3. Vindale Research: 

The third site that made our list is Vindale Research. 

Why did we include it here?

They pay as high as $50 also for one survey. 

What are the ways to earn on Vindale research 

Cash can be earned here for completing online paid surveys, watching videos, reading your email, and more.

Why Should I Join: 

  • Millions paid till now to its member 
  • Tons of surveys to take 
  • Free and sign up bonus as well
  • Directly bank transfer 

Where can I join?

Here is the link to join 

4. Survey RewardZ: 

The fourth website that makes it to our list is Survey RewardZ: 

Why did we include it here?

High Payout for one survey. 

What are the ways to earn on Survey RewardZ?

Just like vindale research, cash can be earned here for completing online paid surveys, watching videos, reading your email, and more.

Why Should I Join: 

  • Various options to withdraw payments such as debit card, PayPal, cheque, etc 
  • Most popular among research communities.

Here is the link to join 

5. Make Survey Money: I wanted to add this site to the second position because of a higher percentage of cash for one survey. The type of survey they have, you can earn $40 within an hour. This can easily make you $1200 a month. 

Like the above site, you can start earning just in 3 steps: 

  • Answer a few questions about yourself
  • Get matched with the highest paying surveys
  • Take surveys and get paid up to $40 per survey 

Reason to join: Free & $5 sign up bouns 

Where to join: Here is the link to join now

6. Surveys2Cash

The fifth website that we wanted to share is Surveys2Cash: 

Like above all, this website passed the genuine test. They pay in two ways. 1. Using PayPal and 2. Using a gift card. 

4 simple steps to join


  • Sign up From Here
  • Answer basic details about you to build your consumer profile. This is to match you with exclusive offers based on your answers.
  • View and Receive Specialized Offers
  • Choose as many as you like and start earning

Reason to join: Offers are based on your interest so it will be fun to share your opinion. 

Where to join: Here is the link to join 

7. Get Paid Working From Home

Last but not least. 

This website is for those folks looking to work from home and be their own boss.  

This website shows you the best offers to earn money working from home. Perfect for those who are looking to invest time in business opportunities. 

Here are more details

Reason to join: Various business opportunities offered. 

We did promise above that we would answer more FAQ’s about the online survey. 

So, here are they: 

1. Do online surveys actually pay? 

Ans: I’d not have answered this if I hadn’t earned money myself with these surveys. I’m not saying this just because I have written this article. The trick here to find the genuine survey and I can confidently say above shared sites won’t disappoint you. Also, you have to keep checking whether they pay cash or they give a gift card. This is where most people get scammed.

2. Are there any sites that pay instantly? 

Ans: Every site has a different payment policy. Most of them either pay weekly or monthly. My suggestion would be to go for a weekly payment one. 

3. Whats are legitimate surveys that pay cash?

Ans: All the sites that we have shared above are legitimate surveys that pay cash. 

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